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I've been in 6 pairs of full support pantyhose for 36+ hours now. I started with a leotard on first, then 3 pairs of pantyhose, then the 1st girdle, then 3 more pairs of pantyhose, then the 2nd girdle. Next, I have on a nylon/spandex long sleeve top and leggings, then some thigh high socks and a thicker pair of warm leggings on top of all of it. Over all of that is my thermal long underwear top and bottom and a hooded sweatshirt .

It's only been about 20 F here for the last few days and now we have an ice storm. All these layers feel nice and toasty warm. The first 5 pairs are the same brand and style; Leggs Sheer Energy - Active Support in nude with closed toes. The top pair is Tamara, suntan support tights with open toe, the same ones the hooter's girls wear.

Update1: I lasted 50 hours in the outfit described above, at which point I had to shower and change as it was driving me crazy.

Update2: I'm now on to the next phase of my challenge, keeping the 7th and 8th pairs of pantyhose on for at least 24 hours. I added #8 as a bonus since both the 7th & 8th pairs are thinner than my normal styles. Not sure how long I can last though, I think I overdid the complexity of this new ensemble.

In addition to the 8 pairs of pantyhose of various styles and brands, I'm also wearing 3 leotards, they are on top of the 1st, 3rd, and 5th pairs of pantyhose, After that is the final 3 pairs of pantyhose. On top of all this are the 2 girdles, a long legged style waist cincher and an all in one body shaper, with brief cut legs. I covered up the girdles with tight black spandex bike shorts and matching black spandex top.

As an added bonus, I'm also wearing my 5.5" black patent stiletto pumps just for fun. I've been sleeping in my high heels all week long, in an attempt to train my feet to wear high heels more often, as I am out of practice wearing them.

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Posted on 12:41PM on Jul 30th, 2013
Did you ever try hanes alive full support control top pantyhose? Tighter than the legg's. I have 4 pairs on right now and they are TIGHT
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