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So, I've decided to challenge myself, to see how many layers of pantyhose (full support, high % spandex, at least 40d) I can stay in for a whole day (24hrs).

Since I wear 2 pairs of them daily anyway, I started the count at Day 3 with the 3rd pair. I did this for a few days actually, which is when I came up with this idea. I added a 4th pair and stayed in them over 48 hours, and yesterday afternoon I added the 5th pair when I got dressed after my shower.  

I guess I should clarify, I thought about staying in the exact same pairs for over a week, but that's a different challenge that would require not bathing for the whole time, which isn't an option or appealing to me at all. I suppose I could take them off and put them right back on after my shower, but that's also stinky after about 48 hours in the same pairs. So I don't do that, when I bathe every day or every other day, I put on clean pairs and pick up the counts where I stopped.

The 5 layers felt great for the 1st 4 hours, then they started digging in at my waist. I made a few adjustments to spread out the points that bunched up and were pinching me. Then the toes started cramping, getting crush under the compression. I left some slack when I put them on but it doesn't seem to help after a while. It's like the fabric constricts and contracts, it tightens itself over time. I didn't take any of them off, but I did pull and tug them numerous times to create some space for them. It even woke me up several times during the night, my crushed big toes in agony. 

I don't think I can continue with full footed pairs for any length of time, the pain is getting worse and there's no point in doing permanent damage to my toes and feet. So, I'm mixing in some of my footless hooters style heavy duty suntan tights, they squeeze plenty, but the open toes spare me further damage. I'll alternate them footed and footless to get to 6 layers tonight, I pull them down past the balls of my feet, so only the toes them selves are spared excessive crushing, as I have done in the past.

I've worn many more layers than this for shorter periods of time, this is to build up my ability to keep many more layers on for longer periods of time. Having 2 to 3 pairs on at all times, has been my normal style for over a year or so. I've added the 4th layer to the mix about 3 months ago, but not always keeping to it daily.

Also, I'm wearing as much other gear as usual too, with the pantyhose on my legs. My usual assortment of panties, spandex leggings, leotards, girdles, bike shorts, thigh high socks, leg warmers have continued to be worn as well. Over all of this, has been under armour style, spandex long underwear, thermal underwear and cotton or blended fabric leggings as covering layers for warmth here in the middle of winter. 

Stay tuned, hopefully there are more updates to follow.....

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