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I wear pantyhose or tights under my clothes every day, no matter what else I am wearing. It feels strange to me to be bare legged anymore. I've been wearing them daily for the last 2+ years, with my wife's approval. She shakes her head sometimes and says, "how do you wear all that?" or something similar.

I don't wear just a single pair either, it's at least 3 layers most of the time, if not more. I always add panties, girdles, spandex shorts, leotards, leggings in some combination as the mood strikes me.

I don't wear the thin, cheap 100% nylon ones either. I prefer the firm or full support kinds with 25-30% spandex content, to keep my legs squeezed in tight compression. I've found that as a side effect that my legs feel better, less aches and pains, since I have been wearing pantyhose regularly.

I wear them with shorts around the house and yard, mostly out of view of others. I love how the layers look on a sunny day. It makes me wish I could wear them openly in public any time I felt like it and not just around Halloween.

By: Me

Written on December 10th, 2012

My mood: very blessed

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