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12 interlocked layers for 48+ hours

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I've been in pantyhose and tights 24/7 for last 2 weeks, and 95% of the time in 2013

I've been in pantyhose and tights 24/7 for last 2 weeks, and 95% of the time in 2013. The only exception is when I get out of the shower for the 10-15 minutes it takes to get dressed in a new set of layers. I wear them into the shower and wash them as i bathe myself.

The most I've been able to sleep a whole night in is 8 layers of hose. After that, it seems to wake me up at some point, usually my toes are getting crushed, no matter how much wiggle room I leave for them, or too many waistbands bunch up around my waist.

Now, I am in 4 to 5 pairs daily, up from 2 to 3 pairs for the last 2 years, and 1 to 2 pairs for 10 years prior to that.

I sleep in more than just the pantyhose or tights too. I wear them in combination with leotards, full girdles, panties, spandex shorts and leggings, long sleeve spandex shirts like under armour or other brands of base layers.

Lately I have been wearing my high heels to bed too, since I haven't worn them much in the last few years, I am trying to get my feet and legs use to wearing them again. They all range in height from 5.5" to 7.5" high.

There have been health benefits to wearing all this gear to bed too (except for the high heels of course) The pantyhose and tights have helped my restless leg syndrome, to the point that it rarely happens anymore.

Finally achieved the 6th pair of full support pantyhose layers for at least 24 hours and counting...

I've been in 6 pairs of full support pantyhose for 36+ hours now. I started with a leotard on first, then 3 pairs of pantyhose, then the 1st girdle, then 3 more pairs of pantyhose, then the 2nd girdle. Next, I have on a nylon/spandex long sleeve top and leggings, then some thigh high socks and a thicker pair of warm leggings on top of all of it. Over all of that is my thermal long underwear top and bottom and a hooded sweatshirt .

It's only been about 20 F here for the last few days and now we have an ice storm. All these layers feel nice and toasty warm. The first 5 pairs are the same brand and style; Leggs Sheer Energy - Active Support in nude with closed toes. The top pair is Tamara, suntan support tights with open toe, the same ones the hooter's girls wear.

Update1: I lasted 50 hours in the outfit described above, at which point I had to shower and change as it was driving me crazy.

Update2: I'm now on to the next phase of my challenge, keeping the 7th and 8th pairs of pantyhose on for at least 24 hours. I added #8 as a bonus since both the 7th & 8th pairs are thinner than my normal styles. Not sure how long I can last though, I think I overdid the complexity of this new ensemble.

In addition to the 8 pairs of pantyhose of various styles and brands, I'm also wearing 3 leotards, they are on top of the 1st, 3rd, and 5th pairs of pantyhose, After that is the final 3 pairs of pantyhose. On top of all this are the 2 girdles, a long legged style waist cincher and an all in one body shaper, with brief cut legs. I covered up the girdles with tight black spandex bike shorts and matching black spandex top.

As an added bonus, I'm also wearing my 5.5" black patent stiletto pumps just for fun. I've been sleeping in my high heels all week long, in an attempt to train my feet to wear high heels more often, as I am out of practice wearing them.

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A challenge to add another layer every day.

So, I've decided to challenge myself, to see how many layers of pantyhose (full support, high % spandex, at least 40d) I can stay in for a whole day (24hrs).

Since I wear 2 pairs of them daily anyway, I started the count at Day 3 with the 3rd pair. I did this for a few days actually, which is when I came up with this idea. I added a 4th pair and stayed in them over 48 hours, and yesterday afternoon I added the 5th pair when I got dressed after my shower.  

I guess I should clarify, I thought about staying in the exact same pairs for over a week, but that's a different challenge that would require not bathing for the whole time, which isn't an option or appealing to me at all. I suppose I could take them off and put them right back on after my shower, but that's also stinky after about 48 hours in the same pairs. So I don't do that, when I bathe every day or every other day, I put on clean pairs and pick up the counts where I stopped.

The 5 layers felt great for the 1st 4 hours, then they started digging in at my waist. I made a few adjustments to spread out the points that bunched up and were pinching me. Then the toes started cramping, getting crush under the compression. I left some slack when I put them on but it doesn't seem to help after a while. It's like the fabric constricts and contracts, it tightens itself over time. I didn't take any of them off, but I did pull and tug them numerous times to create some space for them. It even woke me up several times during the night, my crushed big toes in agony. 

I don't think I can continue with full footed pairs for any length of time, the pain is getting worse and there's no point in doing permanent damage to my toes and feet. So, I'm mixing in some of my footless hooters style heavy duty suntan tights, they squeeze plenty, but the open toes spare me further damage. I'll alternate them footed and footless to get to 6 layers tonight, I pull them down past the balls of my feet, so only the toes them selves are spared excessive crushing, as I have done in the past.

I've worn many more layers than this for shorter periods of time, this is to build up my ability to keep many more layers on for longer periods of time. Having 2 to 3 pairs on at all times, has been my normal style for over a year or so. I've added the 4th layer to the mix about 3 months ago, but not always keeping to it daily.

Also, I'm wearing as much other gear as usual too, with the pantyhose on my legs. My usual assortment of panties, spandex leggings, leotards, girdles, bike shorts, thigh high socks, leg warmers have continued to be worn as well. Over all of this, has been under armour style, spandex long underwear, thermal underwear and cotton or blended fabric leggings as covering layers for warmth here in the middle of winter. 

Stay tuned, hopefully there are more updates to follow.....

I Love To Wear Tights Under My Jeans, Every Day.

I wear pantyhose or tights under my clothes every day, no matter what else I am wearing. It feels strange to me to be bare legged anymore. I've been wearing them daily for the last 2+ years, with my wife's approval. She shakes her head sometimes and says, "how do you wear all that?" or something similar.

I don't wear just a single pair either, it's at least 3 layers most of the time, if not more. I always add panties, girdles, spandex shorts, leotards, leggings in some combination as the mood strikes me.

I don't wear the thin, cheap 100% nylon ones either. I prefer the firm or full support kinds with 25-30% spandex content, to keep my legs squeezed in tight compression. I've found that as a side effect that my legs feel better, less aches and pains, since I have been wearing pantyhose regularly.

I wear them with shorts around the house and yard, mostly out of view of others. I love how the layers look on a sunny day. It makes me wish I could wear them openly in public any time I felt like it and not just around Halloween.

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Written on December 10th, 2012

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layering update

Not too worry, after a few days off, I'm back in my layers for the weekend: I'm in 3 pairs of nude & suntan pantyhose as a base; then a purple long sleeved leotard; then thick black thigh high stockings & grey spanx bike shorts; then a pair of shiny brown spandex leggings; then thick black tights; then a black full body shaper girdle, a pair of blue spandex boy shorts; then a pair of heather grey leggings; a grey long sleeved thermal shirt, red pullover hoody & my tall aussie dog knee boots.

Been in this outfit for 32 hours so far, except for 3 brief bathroom breaks.

Life is too short to be miserable people

Life is too short to be miserable people, especially self imposed misery, if you are a guy like me and you are struggling with your desire to wear women's things. Don't hate yourself, learn to love who you are, accept yourself how you are and have peace in your hearts. Trust me, if you can do this, it will change your life and you will meet someone who loves you how you are, kinks, quirks and all. 

I guess I put this rant here because so many of the groups I am a member of with similar interests seem to have so many guys in them who are hurting, lonely and struggling to come to grips with who they are.

Liking women's clothing or wanting to wear it sometimes or all the time, is not in itself a bad thing. It's all about knowing the right time and place, and being able to surround yourself with open minded, loving people in your life. People who love and accept you how you are and don't want to change you, criticize you, or harm you.

If I can help you in any way, just drop me a note.

10 days of multi layer compression

I've been in 3 pairs of Leggs active support hose, pink panties, and black bike shorts under my regular clothes for 2 days nonstop, except a few brief bathroom visits, which take longer with all these layers to pull down and then back up!

I repeated the cycle again, been in the latest set for over 2 days, nonstop. 

On Fri. night, I layered up in 8 pairs of pantyhose & dance tights. (see new profile pix)  A pair of panties are 1st, then 3 pairs of ballet pink, footless dance tights; then a 2nd pair of panties; then a thigh shaper girdle; then a pair of shiny pink, footed dance tights; then the white full body girdle (a size too small of course, had it 10+ years and it's a beast); then a pair of white thigh highs; then a pair of hot pink spanx bike short thigh shapers; then a pair of stirrup foot, shiny suntan, dance tights; & finally 2 pairs of shiny danskin footed tights.

The pix then show the rest of the outfit, 2 pairs of socks, shorts, etc.

I could only keep the whole outfit, 8 total layers on my legs and 12 layers of compression on my torso on for about 4 hours, parts of my waist and legs started to tingle and go numb. I had to take it all of down to the crushing white girdle, it's too intense to wear over so many other layers. I kept the remaining 4 layers on all night and all the next day and night too.

Been in 5-6 layers for 2 days, 2-3 pairs of nude support pantyhose, lt. blue spandex leggings, thick grey sweater tights and shiny blue spandex leggings. Nice to feel all tightly squeezed and toasty warm at the same time, love this cold weather.

This makes 10 days straight, in multiple layers of compression. 

PS. Went to the mall, shopping with the wife last weekend, we love to shop together. She bought me several new item to wear, a purple long sleeve leotard, a black body shaping girdle, new panties, and blue spandex short shorts.

I love her so much, not only for accepting me for who I am, but fully supporting my fetishes and allowing me the freedom to dress as I please, with very few restrictions.

I wish men could wear high heels openly in public and other ramblings about them.

I've always been obsessed with high heels, from childhood onward. I wish men could wear high heels openly, without being in drag or a halloween costume, just with my guy clothes running errands or whatever. I remember trying on my Mom's heels too, they were way too small, her having tiny size 5 feet and me growing too much before I discovered them. My sister never wore them, being a tomboy and all, so she was no help either.

I only have 5 pairs of heels now, one of those being a similar knee high, clear acrylic boots with a clear platform base and a 6.5 inch heel. Do they even make a thigh high version of these boots? I like to wear mine over several pairs of shiny suntan/toast color danskin tights, to show off the shiny legs and feet inside the boots! My others are 3 pairs of patent stiletto pumps with ankle straps, thin soles and 5.5" high, in black, red and white colors. The last pair are clear lucite stripper heels with clear ankle and toe straps, they are 6" and have a 1" platform.

I use to own a few dozen pairs of high heel shoes and boots, either bought online or from thrift stores. I'd check the mall stores if I felt brave and found some that were high enough, I never bought any with less than 4" heel, what's the point in that? Sadly, they were all lost in 2000, in a house fire along with everything else I owned.

The most intense pair I owned back then were a pair of black patent, thigh high boots that were 5.5" high, thin soled with no platform, skinny spiked metal tipped heels and a short, triangular shaped toe box that crushed my feet after minutes of wear. Spending a day or night in those, and my feet would be stuck in a high heel position for hours afterwards. Not sure they are still made anywhere? I bought them and many other pairs of high heels from Fredrick's of Hollywood back in the mid 90's.

Anyone else remember them?
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summer layering summary and other things

Our weather has been 90-100 degrees for past 3 months, with high humidity to match. Still, I have been layering quite a bit, not non-stop like in the winters, but I have worn some crazy outfits for mowing the yard or other outside chores in the boiling sun, as well as a few layers most other days. I wrote about some of them in other blog posts. 

I've built up my daily tolerance for hosiery, 3 pairs feels like nothing now, less than that or being bare legged, just feels strange now, like something is missing. I've bought a few  more pieces of spandex to wear with them, as well as borrowing a swimsuit and girdle from my wife, to better lock myself in my layers like you do. I can go a day, morning to night, but can't go longer than that without peeing, like a 12 hour cycle.

I also wear knee socks, spandex bike shorts or other spandex over my 5 to 6 pairs that I have been wearing on a regular basis. I found a stash of panties in a box in the back of my closet that I'd forgotten about 2 years ago, and I've been wearing them daily too, for the last 2 months.

I wear them under blue jeans, track suit pants, or just with black leggings on top. They look like what everyone else wear to the gym, no one (but my wife) knows how many pairs I have on under the plain black spandex leggings. At home, I've worn 2 pairs of knee high socks with bike shorts on top, so only my knees are visible, and no one notices that amount of hosiery showing, as long as it's close to my skin tone and not too shiny. I've mowed the yard like that and no one said anything except why did I have the socks pulled up. I said it for protection from stones and bugs, which is actually true, I have had no bugs bites when I'm layered up. 

While my wife has been tolerant of my dressing, she doesn't want it to be obvious in public, so I still have to be subtle and low key about my dressing for pleasure. I found out she doesn't like me painting my nails, so I can't do that again. I wore clear polish on my fingers and toes, while she was gone for a weekend, but she said it's still too shiny and noticeable. I only did it on a whim, so no big deal. She doesn't want me to be totally femme, I can be a guy who wears women's things, but not a complete female. She likes my manly characteristics and doesn't want them to go away completely. I respect that, I don't want to be a woman either, I just want to wear women's things when I feel like it. It's a balancing act for sure.

I haven't been wearing layers nonstop, I take breaks whenever I feel like it, but after a day or so, I'm ready to wear something again. I've worn spandex shorts at least, almost every day, under my regular shorts, even when I didn't wear any hosiery.


squeezed to the max

Here's my outfit for bed last sunday night. I started with 4 pairs of suntan tights, then a white long leg shaper, a white body shaper, then white thigh highs, 4 more pairs of nude hose, a black full body long leg shaper, 2 pairs of black dance tights, a pair of black bike short style spanx, a black power shaper knee length slip and a black under armor spandex tank shirt on top.

Needless to say, it was really intense. I tried to sleep in all these layers but that was impossible. I only lasted about 2 hours, before I had to start taking them off, several parts of me were going numb and it scared me a little.

I ended up sleeping in 4 pairs of hooter girls suntan tights, panties and the power shaper slip. 

Not to worry, I've still been layered up in 3 to 6 pairs of pantyhose at all times, plus various panties, spandex shorts or leggings, a 1 piece bathing suit, tank tops and knee socks on top.


mowed the yard in 6 pairs of pantyhose and tights.

I've been in 6 layers of pantyhose and tights all day, including mowing the back yard. I slept in 4 layers last night, I added 2 more pairs this morning after breakfast. I knew I had to work in the yard all afternoon and mow the grass too, so I decided to try and do it in all my layers, first time trying anything like this.

I was soaked with sweat when the wife and her mom came home from shopping. They barely noticed what I was wearing, the benefit of having so many pairs on is they look like brown exercise leggings from a distance. You'd have to be within about 5 feet of my legs to see the patterns in the layers. My wife doesn't mind me wearing whatever I want, she only worries about other people seeing it out in public. I don't want to embarrass her, so I try to keep it on the down low.

My wife's amused comments were on the order of; didn't it feel awful to be wearing all that out in this heat? and I must be crazy to be wear all that after I told her how many pairs I had on. It was in the mid 80's today, a break from the 100's of the last 2 months for sure, but the 75% humidity still made it feel plenty hot. 

I've been layered in at least 3 pairs (and usually many more) since last Sunday, when I started my new streak after taking a break for a month or so.

I'm going to try and wear a girdle shaper under my layers tonight when I get dressed in some fresh layers of pantyhose, tights and spandex after my shower. This is to try and reduce the pressure on my waist from all the layers squeezing at one point. That and the toes getting squeezed to death are what bothers me the most, I enjoy the pressure and squeeze factor on my legs, but more than about 5 layers, unless I mix in some footless pairs, is all my toes can take for any length of time, and I like to sleep in mine and stay in them as much as I can, when I put them on.

Finally, I always shower in my layers and wash them one at a time as I take them off. This keeps me and them clean and is much gentler on them than machine washing them, even on a delicate cycle. I've learned over the years that hosiery and spandex last much longer with hand washing and hanging up in the bathroom to dry.


Back in my layers.

Back in my layers of pantyhose, tights & spandex after taking over a month off for various reasons. I'm in day 5 of my new streak. Not sure why I ever stop? It feels so good when I'm in them that I never want to take them off. 

I've had as many as 6 pairs on tonight, but it wasn't feeling so good after supper, so I cut back to 4 pairs, much better on my belly. I've been in at least 2 pairs of tights since last Sunday evening, as well as spandex shorts on top of them.

I still struggle with my toes getting crushed to the point of numbness. It doesn't seem to matter how much room I leave, they seem to tighten up on their own and I'll wake up in pain. I can wear many more layers on my legs with no problems, it's the toes that get crushed and the waist gets irritated too.

Not sure why I go through phases where I have no interest in wearing anything femme or tight whatsoever and other times it's all I think about and I have to wear them as much as possible, even out in public under my clothes in the middle of summer.

Why do I ever stop? 

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status update, 4-18-12


I'm trying to stay hosed as best that I can. This is all new territory for me, as you know. Before the last 8 months, I only wore hose or tights for extra warmth in winter, or for sleeping, or sex play and a few random other times. 

I must tell you though, that I was a little discouraged yesterday, it wasn't a good day for me. It was way too hot and humid and I took all my layers off in the middle of the night before. I did spend the day in shorts, with my tight spandex bike shorts on underneath. Last night and today are much cooler, so I am back in my trusty 3 layers of shiny  danskin dance tights, some black spandex short shorts and a normal t-shirt.

I have been wearing my heels again too, I was inspired by my new story the other day. I'm wearing my black patent, pointy toe pumps with 5.5" heels (no platform) at the moment. I had on my 6.25" clear lucite, platform, peep toe, slingbacks earlier this morning. I love how they contrast with my shiny, suntan colored legs.

My toes, feet, ankles and legs are in shock, after not wearing them for a year or so, and I've had a few cramps already. It's been slow moving around the house, as I do some daily chores. I've stumbled and had a few near falls so far. No style and grace points so far, but it feels awesome and invigorating for sure.

I'm trying to wear them while the wife is at work, since I work from home most of the time, it gives me flexibility to dress as I please. Within reason of course, as someone could stop by at anytime, I keep some cover clothes and shoes handy, to slip on in a moments notice.

I also have always been fascinated, as long as I can remember, with how women in history have suffered for the sake of fashion and status. In the past, I've research on how they coped with daily life in corsets, girdles, long gloves, hosiery and high heels of course.


my 1st pair of real 'store bought' high heels

I can still remember my 1st pair of real 'store bought' high heels. I made a few experimental attempts when I was out on my own after graduating college and working at my 1st job. I didn't try to make a shoe, more like a platform heel that I added to some cheap sandals to simulate the height of a high heeled shoe, they didn't last long or hold up well, but the sensation was incredible and i knew I had to conquer my fear and buy some, some how, some where.

Luckily, my new job involved quite a bit of travel, mostly regionally where I was driving from place to place, town to town. This gave me access to stores and malls that were 2 or 3 states or at least 3 or more hours from where I lived. I quickly adjusted to being anonymous in a strange towns and that gave me the courage to make risky purchases.

I had already bought a few pairs of pantyhose, a girdle and some spandex exercise items in the previous 5 or so years, but high heels were different. They were the ultimate in femininity and forbidden fruit for me. I bought them from a wal-mart, with other items like pantyhose, an all in one girdle, some stockings, a slip, a bra, panties and who knows what else. 

They were black, fake leather pumps, with a skinny 4 inch heel, and pointy toes. I secretly tried them on in the aisle, just to make sure they were the right size, and they were an 11, the largest they had in a style with a stiletto heel.

I was on an extended shopping spree from that day forward, and every night after my work was done, I'd go to a mall or shopping center where ever I was staying and buy whatever I wanted. I tried to keep my costs down, because I was a poor, recent graduate with a new job and a lot of bills and loans to repay, so I became good at finding the sale racks and clearance tables.

I would go to thrift stores, discount stores like TJ Maxx (still a fav) and chain stores like wal-mart, k-mart and others. The major mall chains were generally higher priced, but better quality and I'd shop at them to get ideas and hunt for bargains.

I think I bought 3 or 4 pairs of heels that first fall I was employed. They were well worn and used when I finally threw them out. I'd go through binge and purge cycles (see other posts) but I usually kept the shoes and hid them away, unless they were crappy or trashed.

At some point after that, I bought some hot pink pumps from a payless or similar store. They were almost 5 inches high, which was hard to find in a store in '90-91, not like today's crazy sky high heels everywhere you look. 

Back then a 4 inch or higher heel was harder to find with no internet access like we have today. (netscape hadn't come out yet and the web was vax systems in labs connected to other mainframes and only unix commands (dark ages to you kids out there) That is, until I saw my 1st Fredrick's of Hollywood catalog. I quickly subcribed to them (and had them sent to my secret POBox of course, not my real address, didn't want anyone to see them accidentally) and started ordering real high heels soon after that.

They were some intense shoes and boots, I remember them better than all the earlier pairs, because they were the highest, most pointy, shiny patent, tight fitting and hard to wear shoes you could imagine. They killed my feet, sometimes in minutes after putting them on, (this is how I realized that sizes varied from brand to brand) Turns out that I wore a 10, or a 10.5, or 11 and even a 12 sometimes, depending on the style and who made them.

I had a pair of red patent, stiletto 5.5 inch pumps with a 1" wide ankle straps that buckled and you could lock with a small luggage lock if you wanted. It wasn't necessary though, since the straps and buckles were hard enough to open and close, especially if you were wearing some long gloves or had glued long fake nails to your fingers after you got fully dressed 'in femme'

I had several pairs of thigh high boots from Fredrick's too. The black patent ones had a metal tipped stiletto heel, with a point so small that they would damage floors if you weren't careful. They were a full 6 inches high, thin soled with no trace of a platform, my foot was vertical and my toes were bent a full 90 degrees when I  wore them. I use to try and sleep in them, fully dressed of course, in my layers of pantyhose, girdles, long line bras, leotards, catsuit, shoulder length gloves or whatever else I could dream up or find.

I'd usually get cramps in my feet or legs in the middle of the night and scramble to take them off in my sleep. I'd make myself replace them with some more comfortable high heels and sleep the rest of the night like that. I remember that my feet would hold the shape of the boots for hours after I would take them off, something that excited and worried me at the same time.

I really enjoy waking up fully dressed and high heeled. The sensation of trying to walk in high heels as soon as I got out of bed is a thrill, as my feet touched the floor and my foot couldn't bend or flex, it is a great feeling that I still enjoy from time to time.

I told you my answer was long and rambling, I'm sure I'll remember more later on.....

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Finally feeling better again

Finally feeling better again, being sick is no fun. To celebrate, I am in a pair of nude pantyhose and 2 pairs of dance tights, nude and suntan. On top of that are spandex short shorts, black spandex bike shorts and some thick grey cotton thigh highs. I slept in all this and stayed in them for 24 hours, until I took a shower.

This evening I'm wearing a pair of hot pink, spanx brand, tight bike shorts, then 3 pairs of firm support pantyhose (taupe, suntan and nude), then a pair of thick grey cotton blend thigh highs and then a pair of black spandex bike shorts. This is what I'll sleep in tonight.

My adventures in 9 pairs of pantyhose and thigh highs worn in layers.

I'm in 9, yes 9 pairs of pantyhose and thigh highs this evening. I alternated them in layers to try and save my toes and waist from being squished so bad. It is an intense feeling and it feels like my legs are now armour plated.

It lasted for 6 hours, about 6:30am I woke up with my toes screaming in pain, no matter how much slack I leave in them, they seem to tighten up over time. My big toes were totally crushed and numb under the 9 layers. I had to take off 2 pairs immediately and 2 more pairs about 5 minutes later, to relieve the pain in my toes.

I resisted the urge to take all 9 layers off, and was able to go back to sleep in 5 pairs, which were 3 pairs of pantyhose with 2 pairs of thigh highs in alternating layers.

I'm still in the 5 layers some 14+ hours later, but I must shower soon and go to work on a project and run errands. 

I haven't decided what to wear after my shower, but my toes need a break, so I might wear some of my footless hooters tights, that I wear pulled down to the balls of my feet, making them toeless or toe free really. 

I think I need to mix in more of the toe free pairs, if I'm going to push my ability to wear more layers any further. I already mixed in the thigh highs to give my waist a break, otherwise they are for short durations only, and what fun is that?

My life in hosiery update for March

I have been in 3 pairs of tights this week, 2 pairs of ballet pink dance tights and a pair of nude support pantyhose on top. With a pair of pink short shorts and black spandex bike shorts on top of it all. Then 2 days in 2 pairs of suntan leggs sheer energy active support. 

Spent last weekend in 4 layers, ballet pink dance tights on first, suntan dance tights on next, then a pair of nude tamara tights, and black spandex leggings on top. It always feels so good to be tightly squeezed together and toasty warm. Oh yeah, I've also got on a pair of tight, black spandex, short shorts on under the leggings, to hold up all the hosiery and keep them in place.

Two weeks ago, I was in 3 pairs of leggs sheer energy active supports, 2 suntan pairs and a nude pair on top, for the whole week. Not the same 3 pairs of course, since that would really get to stinking after a few days and that's not one of my fetishes. I put on a fresh set as soon as I get out of the shower, which I always take with my 'dirty' pairs on, since it feels great to get wet in multiple layers and I clean each pair as I take them off and hang them up to dry in the bathroom.

Last week I was in a new pair of leggs silken mist silky sheer, but they were sorta lame, not nearly as tight and squeezing as they should have been. So, I spent the rest of the week in various pairs of nude and suntan hosiery with a few pairs of ballet pinks for fun.  

Update: My life in hosiery.

While not quite 24/7, but I would say that at least 75% of the time in the last 5 months, I have been wearing at least one or more layers of pantyhose, tights, leggings, spandex, thigh highs, leotards, girdles, leg warmers, OTK socks, or some combination of all of them, either around the house, or out in public under my 'normal' clothes.

I has been great to be able to wear whatever I want, whenever the mood strikes me, or NOT to wear anything if I feel like that too. I'd say that 20% of the remaining time has been voluntary, just taking a break, deciding what to wear next, or whatever.

One problem I have noticed is that my toes start breaking out in rashes and athletes foot fungus if I don't let my feet breathe from time to time. While it is exciting to keep the same 2 or 3 pairs on for 24, 48, or even 72 hours non-stop, it gets all sweaty between my toes and leads to the problems I mentioned above.

This has caused me to change my style a bit, is mixing in footless and stirrup style with the full footed ones. I wear the footless style tights over my heels, down to the ball of my feet, so they are more like toeless really, since 2/3rds of my foot is covered as usual.

The stirrup style is my newest purchase, some Capezio Women's Hold & Stretch Stirrup Tights in suntan. They are nicely made, thicker than thin hosiery, 60 or 80 din I'd guess, with a tight squeeze that stays all night and into the next day, without sagging or quitting on me.

They both seem to be working well, and I'll be buying more soon, as the bargains present themselves, since I never pay full price for anything, if I can help it.

How about the rest of you? How do you deal with continuous wear situations over multiple days?

My mood: very excited

Pantyhose in Public Update and Halloween Costume Ideas...

Pantyhose in Public Update: I have been in the same 2 pairs of suntan active supports for almost 30 hours, I put them on about 5 pm yesterday. I did sit on my tailgate this afternoon in town, taking a break from some yard work at the wife's grandmothers house. I sat there on a busy road with my jeans rolled up to my knees as traffic went by on a busy street about 20 feet away, easily close enough to tell I had hose on.

It was exciting as I wondered if anyone noticed my legs as I sat there for 20 minutes talking to my wife. She thought it was great, me being all at ease about it. She thinks I'm crazy for wanting to wear pantyhose all the time, but she likes that it makes me happy and she actually helps me with it. She just wants me to accept myself as I am and quit beating myself up internally about it. I am my own worst enemy.

We stopped at Target on the way home, we are still trying to figure out what we are going to be for halloween. She is helping me to find a costume that lets me wear pantyhose or tights. I headed to the restrooms and she headed back to the hosiery and  women's dept. By the time I found her, she had some bright pink spandex short shorts from the clearance rack in the cart. She asked me if I liked them and I said yes. I said who are they for? She said,"I'm not wearing them, they are for you!" How great is that? No one has really ever bought me any "play" clothes before.

We must have spent an hour looking through all the pantyhose, tights, leggings, girdles, spanx, and exercise wear. We got 2 pairs of green tights for me, I might be going as Robin Hood and her as Maid Marion. I suggested Wonder Woman for me, but she thought that might be a bit much for a family party with adults and kids there, but that it might be fun another time. She did say she would be girl Superman so I could be a boy Wonder Woman, and speculated where to get me some shiny red knee boots.

I love my wonderful wife, who is also my best friend and collaborator on all things tight and shiny.

My mood: extremely excited

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